The process of SMT processing is: solder paste stirring → solder paste printing → SPI → placement → Reflow soldering → AOI → Rework
(1)Solder paste mixing
After the solder paste is taken out of the refrigerator and thawed, it is stirred by hand or machine to suit printing and soldering.
(2)Solder paste printing
The solder paste is placed on the steel mesh, and the solder paste is printed on the PCB pad by a doctor blade.
SPI is a solder paste thickness detector that can detect the solder paste printing and control the solder paste printing effect.
The chip components are placed on the Feida, and the chip head is accurately placed on the PCB pad by identifying the components on the feeder.
(5)Reflow soldering
The mounted PCB board is reflowed, and the paste-like solder paste is heated to a liquid after passing through the high temperature inside, and finally cooled and solidified to complete the soldering.
AOI is an automatic optical inspection, which can detect the welding effect of the PCB by scanning, and can detect the defects of the board.
Repair the AOI or manually detected defects.