Portable Power Station Explorer 1000W Solar Generator


1.Outdoor Camping
There is no need to worry about power supply problems in outdoor camping, car refrigerator,car vacuum cleaner,photography and viedo equipment,communication equipment.

2.Emergency Electricity
Outdoor lighting, outdoor shooting,bring JL-500S power supply, no fear of power failure.

3.Household Electricity
What should I do if there is a sudden power failure? With JL-500S power supply, household power supply necessities.

4.Office Electricity
JL500 portable power supply, office power supply necessities.

5.Seaside Beach
With JL500 outdoor power supply, you can supply power anywhere when playing by the sea, mobile phone,Ipad.


1.Smooth and compact appearance design with cambered handle

2.Durable and lightweight aero-grade aluminum alloy shell

3.Internal high energy density long cycle life lithium ion battery

4.LCD indicates battery capacity, charging status and inverter output

5.Independent switches of main on/off and bright torch

6.AC 1000W inverter powers various digital and electrical devices, such as hand drill, cooker, fan, TV, lamp, etc

7.DC 12V cigarette port supports car on-aboard devices, like car refrigerator, car vacuum, car inflator, etc

8.Dual DC5525 12V/3A port supports some 12V powered devices, like LED lamp, DC fan, DC TV, etc

9.Dual USB QC3.0 ports charge most USB-enabled devices, like smart phone, Bluetooth, wearable watch, etc

10.USB Type-C port supports most USB-C devices, like laptop, tablets, smart phone, etc

11.1 watts LED torch with 600+ hours long lighting, high/soft lighting switchable

12.Unique charging functionality supports voltage from DC 27V to 42V

13.Three ways to recharge by solar panel, car cigarette included AC/DC adaptor

14.Integrated circuit design improves product safety, quality, efficiency and function performance

Item number—JL1000W
Battery Capacity —210000mAh
Shell Material—Aluminum Alloy+ABS+PC


Internal Battery—756Wh,maximum 1028Wh

Battery Type—Lithium ion/ICR 18650

Charging–PV 27V-42V 5A Max by solar panel

AC/DC 29V 4A by included AC/DC adaptor

AC Output—Power 1000 watts with 2 outlets

Wave—Pure sine wave

DC Output—2x USB-A QC3.0 5V/3A,9V/2A automatic charging voltage & current

1x USB-C PD—5V/3A, 9V/3A, 12V/3A, 15V/3A, 20V/2.25A

1x DC 12V—cigarette socket 12V 8A

2x DC5521—12V 3A

LED Flashlight—1 watts

Net Weight—8.6kg

Product Dimensions—L346xW169xH226mm

Operation Temperature—0 ~ 40℃

Storage Temperature—-20℃ ~ 40℃


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